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100 Hour Atlanta Powder Brow

Training Certification


30 Day Home & Online  Home Course

 Plus 3 Days 30 Hours Hands On Powder Brow Training


This program will give you all the tools you need to start a successful

career as a powder brow artist! You will learn everything from business

setup, color theory and hair patterns, to manual shading and

powder brow and everything in between! You will also learn how to take

photos and market yourself like a true professional. Training is hosted

in my private studio, not a hotel. This program includes a full month

at home pre-course/online powder browtraining.

You will have access to instructional videos, guides and so much more!

My program is longer than most because it takes more than a short

weekend to attain the skills to tattoo someone's face. Students will not

receive their certification by merely showing up. I do not 

believe in certifying someone who is not prepared, as nobody benefits 

from that. This program is designed for you to succeed, but you must

put in the work.




Training Itinerary

                 Design & Mapping, Color Theory,

Safety Protocol,  Workspace Setup,

Licensing, Regulations

 Practice Design and Shaping,

Marketing, Live Demo

Supervised Work on Models,

Photography, & More




Includes One Month Powder Brow Home Course and Six Months of Instructor Support and Guidance

Cost $3,100

$1,500 deposit at registration and balance due 14 days before course begins.


Other Details

**Starter Kit valued at $500 included-Contains everything you need to do at least 50 sets of brows! Includes pigment, needles, disposables, measuring tools, practice later, mannequin head and more.

**BBP Course Required**

**Breakfast and lunch provided**

**Please be sure to check your local county guidelines for rules and regulations. Most states require tattoo licensing, but can vary**

**Please inform Tara if you need assistance finding a model to work on.**


-COVID UPDATE- First day of hands on class will now be a virtual ZOOM class, as this day is lecture/presentation. This will allow for more social distancing and comfort. Classes will now be limited to four students to allow for more spacing.-

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Upcoming Dates

Feb. 10th-12th, 2021

-Starts Jan 10th, 2021


March 24th-26th, 2021

-Starts Jan 10th, 2021

*Now Enrolling*

The course begins four weeks prior to the hands on dates; that is the start date listed, and you can start earlier if you prefer.

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to reserve your seat! 

Classes limited to 4 students


Qualifications Your Atlanta Powder Brow Training Provider Must Have





















Do you love the bold, full-browed look powder brows provides?


Have you thought you might like to offer this type of cosmetic treatment to your own clients?


If providing powder brow services appeals to you, it’s imperative to your business – and to your clients’ satisfaction –  you get the proper training.


What does this entail? And how can you make sure you end up choosing the very best Atlanta powder brow training provider?


Starting Your Powder Brow Career: What to Look for In a Class Provider


When looking for powder brow training provider, consider the following factors first.


Your Trainer Understands Powder Brows are Different from Permanent Makeup


Technically speaking, powder brows are considered permanent.


However, it’s different from permanent makeup.


How so?


The main difference is in how the powder brows are done.


Permanent makeup is done using a tattoo machine. Powder Brows are done by hand. It’s a very precise art that requires the right touch and lots of practice.


If a trainer doesn’t understand this difference, it’s a red flag.


They’ve Kept Up – and Encourage You to Keep Up – with the Latest Practices/Techniques


Continuing education is something doctors, nurses, dentists, and others in the healthcare field are required to do each year (or every two years).


Why is continuing education so important?


Further education keeps practitioners apprised of the latest tools, products, and techniques available in their field.


We’re grateful those in the healthcare field follow through with their continuing education requirements, but what about those in the cosmetic industry?


We need to keep up with new techniques and trends as well. Things are constantly changing. New skincare products and information about how to serve people with various skin types come out all the time.


It’s important to the health and beauty of our clients we stay up to date.


They Should Be Able to Teach You How to Create Different Powder Brow Effects




















One-size does not fit all when it comes to eyebrows.


Not every trend is right for every single person. Just because thin brows are in doesn’t mean your client is going to look good with them.


And for the most part, your clients know what they want and what will look good on them. They’ll rely on you to provide this for them.


In order to do this, you need to know how to create a variety of effects for your clients. Not only will this make you a more adept artist – it will make you one which is in demand.


Their Curriculum Includes Powder Brows on Different Skin Types


In order to be the best powder brow tech around, you need to know more than just how to create different effects.


You need to know about various skin types.


Each person who comes into your place of business will have different skin types and a variety of needs. One person’s skin type will react differently to powder brows than the next person’s.


The right trainer will make you aware of this and let you know what to expect.


Your trainer will caution you about the most common skin reactions. Plus, they’ll train you on how to help your clients treat those conditions successfully.


The Curriculum Includes Monitored Practice


Once you have the basics down, you’ll need to get some practice in before you can start offering services to your own clients.


A proper trainer will supervise you while you practice on models. This will help you gain the necessary practice, help build your confidence, and ensure you’re utilizing the best techniques.


Powder Brow Services – A Great Way to Expand Your Business


More and more people find the idea of permanent makeup appealing. It can help them save time and maybe even a little money in the long run.


Being able to offer services like powder brows is a great way to add to the growth of your business.


The public is ready to invest in services like powder brows - adding this to your list of services can greatly increase the number of clients you see.


Just make sure when you make the decision to get the training you need in order to offer these services you get the best person for the job.


Double-check your potential trainer’s credentials, curriculum, and reputation.


Doing so will ensure you get the best powder brow training in Atlanta you need to provide exceptional services to your clients.


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