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Microblading – What Is It and Who Should Get It?

You’ve probably heard about permanent makeup. It has become increasingly popular over the past few years. Women love the idea of being able to spend less time on their makeup every day and being able to roll out of bed looking at least partially made up.

Also gaining traction in recent years is microblading in Atlanta. This is basically the art of creating beautiful brows.

How is it performed? Is it safe for everyone?

Read on to find out more about this technique which can lead to dark, thick, lush-looking eyebrows.

What Really Is Microblading? Is the Same as Permanent Makeup?

The first question people tend to ask about microblading is whether it’s the same thing as permanent makeup.

The simple answer is this: Yes, it is a form of permanent makeup, but there are some differences.

Both are tattoo techniques. Permanent makeup is also known as micropigmentation. This is because pigment is inserted into the skin in a strategic way so as to look like makeup. A rotary machine is used to enhance everything from the eyebrows and eyes to the lips and other parts of the body.

Microblading, on the other hand, specifically treats the eyebrows. In this case, a hand tool can be used to apply the pigment to the dermis, which is the second layer of our skin. But the tool isn’t like anything used in any other type of tattoo technique.

The hand tool used for microblading allows the creation of very fine brush strokes along the skin. These strokes look like real hair.

People love microblading because it looks so real. It’s also very rewarding to see someone walk in with very thin or light brows and leave with thick, natural looking brows which frame their eyes.

Should You Invest in Microblading? How to Tell If You’re a Good Candidate or Not

In a perfect world, everyone who needed it would have microblading done. Unfortunately, not everyone is a good candidate.

Here are some things to consider before you make an appointment.

This is a Permanent Procedure

When you search “microblading” online, you’ll come up with a lot of results which say this is a semi-permanent procedure. This is not really true. There’s no such thing as a semi-permanent tattoo. You’re implanting permanent pigment into the deeper layers of your skin – they’re going to stay there.

What makes people refer to this as semi-permanent? It’s typically because the pigment is designed to fade. It won’t stay as vibrant as when you first get it done; but it won’t completely disappear either.

Touchups are highly recommended, especially after the initial treatment. Sometimes, the pigment doesn’t take as we would like – either certain spots are lighter or the overall effect isn’t as dark as we both would like.

There is Some Preparation Involved

You will need to start preparing your skin for microblading approximately a month in advance. During this time, you’ll need to avoid Botox and laser treatments, as well as facial peels.

About a week in advance, I urge my clients to avoid ibuprofen and blood thinners. And they shouldn’t wax or pluck their eyebrows from this point on either.

A day before the procedure, you’ll need to avoid alcoholic beverages, smoking, drugs, and caffeine.

Not Everyone’s Skin Is Suitable for Microblading

People with sensitive skin or skin conditions like eczema, acne, rosacea, and psoriasis are not good candidates for this procedure. The skin tends to bleed and shed rather easily, which makes it difficult for the skin to retain the pigment.

Additionally, having this procedure could exacerbate already tender, sensitive skin. And if you have an autoimmune disease, the health of your skin is compromised and microblading is contraindicated.

Pregnant and nursing women, as well as anyone with a heart condition, are not considered a good candidate either.

Beautiful Eyebrows Are the Perfect Frame for Your Lovely Face

Have you ever seen someone get their eyebrows done for the first time? I’m not just talking about microblading either. When someone gets their brows shaped and removes stray hairs it makes their eyes pop in such a beautiful way.

Then, when you add the microblading on top of that – the effect is dramatic. It’s like the person’s whole face is beautifully framed.

This is the effect which you can see if you invest in microblading.

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