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Getting the Shape Just Right – A Crucial Step of the Microblading Process

Shape is Important Part of Microblading

Do you love the latest brow trend? If so, definitely you’re not alone. There are thousands of women (and even some men) who want their brows to look thick, lush, and prominent.

In order to achieve their desired look, they spend a ton of time and money on waxing, threading, and tinting.

While this will help achieve a thicker brow with clean lines, there’s one thing to notice which some people either overlook or get wrong altogether: The shape of their brows.

Taking the time to get the shape just right is a vital key in ensuring you get the brow look which is right for you.

The Microblading Process: Why Eyebrow Shape Is so Important

Right now, the trend is to have full, thick, dark brows. This is what many women deem “ideal” right now.

Full brows are quite beautiful.

However, it seems like a lot of people think as long as you achieve thickness and desired shade you’re good to go, and your brows will look amazing.

This isn’t the case, though. If you take a look through Instagram and other social media posts of people showing off their brows, you’ll notice two things:

  • There are people who have the seemingly “perfect” brow – it’s totally on-trend and it looks great on them.

  • There are other people who have the thick, dark brow going on, but who, for some reason just don’t look quite as fabulous as some of the other people posting brow pics.

What’s the difference between these two groups of people? In my experience, the difference is the shape of the brow.

Some people contour their brow too much, making the arch way too dramatic. Others tend to choose sharp lines over rounded ones. On the right person, a slight sharpness is ok, but it’s not a good look for everyone.

When people go for microblading in Atlanta, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration. To help give them the ideal brow shape and symmetry, we utilize the Golden Ratio Technique. This equation helps determine the best length and thickness for each client.

After we figure this out, we then take a look at the shape of the client’s face, the size of their eyes, and the natural shape of their brows. This helps to create the best shape for every individual.

Why You Should Be Concerned with Getting the Shape Just Right

There are several reasons why you should be concerned with getting the shape of your brows just right.

1. You Don’t Want to Look Surprised All the Time

First, over-contouring your brows can leave you looking like you’re in a constant state of shock or amazement. It’s not a good look for anyone and certainly doesn’t look natural.

2. The Wrong Shape Will Change the Look of Your Entire Face – for the Worse

Second, overly rounded or overly pointed brows can actually affect the appearance of your entire face. The wrong shape can make your face look fuller or smaller. It can also hide your eyes, making them look smaller.

On the other hand, the right brow shape can balance your facial features and frame your eyes beautifully so they stand out.

And according to science, brows are an important part of facial recognition. In a Canadian study, participants were shown pictures of celebrities without eyes, as well as pictures of celebrities without eyebrows.

Over half of the participants were still able to identify the celebrities despite their missing eyes. Less than half were able to identify the celebs without eyebrows.

While having the wrong shape brows won’t necessarily make you unrecognizable, it will definitely have an impact on how you look.

Finding a High-Quality Microblading Artist to Help You Achieve Beautiful Brows

Getting your ideal brow shouldn’t be something you try to do on your own.

Your brows are a prominent facial feature and, while trends come and go, what’s most important is how you feel about how you look. The right brow shape can make you look and feel more beautiful and confident.

Conversely, brows which fit the mold of the latest trends, but don’t suit your face, can end up making you feel insecure. It can even make you compare yourself to others, questioning why you don’t look “as good” as someone with nearly identical brows.

This is why it’s so important to find the right microblading artist.

When client’s come to us, we want them to feel beautiful when they walk out the door. And, we can help them accomplish this by taking the time to get their brow shape just right.


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