Qualifications Your Microblading Training Provider Must Have

Do you love the bold, full-browed look microblading provides?

Have you thought you might like to offer this type of cosmetic treatment to your own clients?

If providing microblading services appeals to you, it’s imperative to your business – and to your clients’ satisfaction – you get the proper training.

What does this entail? And how can you make sure you end up choosing the very best Atlanta microblading training provider?

Starting Your Microblading Career: What to Look for In a Training Provider

When looking for a microblading training provider, consider the following factors first.

Your Trainer Understands Microblading Is Different from Permanent Makeup

Technically speaking, microblading is considered permanent.

However, it’s different from permanent makeup.

How so?

The main difference is in how the microblading is done.

Permanent makeup is done using a tattoo machine. Microblading is done by hand. It’s a very precise art which requires the right touch and lots of practice.

If a trainer doesn’t understand this difference, it’s a red flag.

They’ve Kept Up – and Encourage You to Keep Up – with the Latest Practices/Techniques

Continuing education is something doctors, nurses, dentists, and others in the healthcare field are required to do each year (or every two years).