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Why Microblading Has Become a Mainstream Cosmetic Procedure

Every week it seems like we see new trends in cosmetics and fashion. Some of them are simply history repeating itself, while others are truly innovative.

Most trends come and go, but some of them become the go-to choice for the masses.

This is what’s happened with microblading.

At first, many were slow to latch onto this type of cosmetic procedure. But over time, it has gained a lot of popularity – so much so it’s now a topic of hundreds of blogs and YouTube videos.

What is it about microblading which has made it a mainstream go-to cosmetic option for beautiful brows?

The History of Microblading – How It’s Become One of the Top Cosmetic Procedures

The history of microblading isn’t well-known. Part of the reason for this is because it’s gone by several different names, other than microblading, over the years. Some of these include:

  • Microstroking

  • Feather tattooing

  • Feathering

  • Eyebrow tattooing

  • Hairstroking

  • The Japanese Method.

Microblading experts speculate this method of tattooing began about 25 years ago in Asia.

Since then, it’s become an increasingly popular option for people to get beautiful, defined, bold eyebrows – something which is very on-trend right now.

Are You on the Fence? 3 Reasons to Think About Microblading

These are just a few reasons why eyebrow microblading has become a mainstream cosmetic procedure.

1. Big, Beautiful, Bold Brows Are Very Popular Right Now

When people think about what they want their eyebrows to look like, what comes to mind isn’t the pencil-thin brow of the 90s.

The current trend is thick, bold eyebrows. People like Cara Delevingne, Lily Collins, Sarah Hyland, and

Granted, trends change. But this doesn’t mean everyone is going to follow the trend.

People with fuller brows have proudly shown off their brows no matter what the current trend is.

2. Microblading Is a Long-Lasting Option

There’s nothing worse than spending an inordinate amount of time filling in your brows with a pencil only to have it smear at the first sign of heat or sweat.

Microbladed eyebrows are there to stay. It doesn’t matter how humid it is outside, if you work up a sweat at the gym, or if you go for a swim. Your eyebrows will look amazing no matter what.

3. There’s Not a Lot of Upkeep Required

Some people want the look of a full, bold brow - but they don’t want to put the work into it.

Maybe they simply don’t have the time. Or, the issue could be they have oily skin or work in an area where it gets really hot or humid.

The constant upkeep of a beautiful brow just isn’t in the cards for a lot of people.

Microblading gives women the brows they want without having to invest time on a daily basis to work on their brows.

Find a Microblading Artist Who Is Committed to Their Craft and Getting Gorgeous Results

Because of the ever-increasing popularity of microblading, more and more technicians are popping up everywhere.

But please be careful – not everyone has the training or experience to deliver the results you want.

When looking for a microblading artist, make sure you find someone with a really good reputation.

Check out online reviews – both the good and the bad. Sometimes, the reason a person gives a bad online review is for a reason like pricing, not necessarily the quality of the work. Obviously, you want to get a good deal, but a higher price isn’t always a deal-breaker for every single customer.

Once you’ve found a technician you’re interested in, ask about their credentials. Are they trained? Do they have a license or certification? If so, is it from a reputable source?

Then, ask to see samples of their work. If you like what you see, you’re most likely going to be in good hands.

Remember – while microblading doesn’t last the same way a permanent tattoo would, this is procedure will be highly visible on your face. Do all you can to ensure you get the best technician – someone who is committed to providing you with beautiful results.


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